Asian chick strip teases in sexy black bodysuit

The gallery below is from This Is Glamours official site and it is their ‘Reina in black bodysuit’ gallery.

Reina is a super hot glamour model which has appeared in many different lad mags and has appeared on page 3 in the sun a few times as well. She is a well known Asian model which everyone loves. She has a slim waist with perky tits and they are not too big but they are not to small neither. She also has a small perky booty and long raven hair. Gorgeous girly, Reina, has now got her own page on ‘This is glamour‘ and is slowly progressing further in her modelling career. When you sign up to the site through Reina’s page, you gain access to the whole of ‘This is glamours site’ meaning you get more than what you pay for.

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